Our lovely cottage is located in a large, quiet cottage area along the fjord – about 1.5 km from Mou, a village located approximately 20 km east of Aalborg. The scenic surroundings form the basis of many delightful hours in and around the cottage.

From the cottage is the nearness to the fjord and the fantastic sea and landscape around its mouth in the Kattegat, coming to stand as the greatest holiday experience. Add to that the short distances to the entire Kattegat coast seaside paradise – Egense and Øster Hurup as very child-friendly offers. Only a few minutes sailing away with the cozy ferries in Egense – alone sailing trip is an experience.

The short distance to Aalborg combined with fjord landscape attraction has led to a significant expansion of homes and facilities in the area. Take advantage of the short distance and visit Aalborg’s many attractions such. Zoo, Aalborg Tower, Virgin Ane Gade, Jens Bang’s House, North Jutland Art Museum, quaint old streets and shopping.

Holidays in the area also means that you live the closest neighbor of Lille Vildmose. Here you will find Northern Europe’s largest undisturbed bogs, inhabited by a strong strain of the ancient Jutland red deer family, wild boar, Denmark’s only breeding golden eagles, of cranes and a host of other birds. Lille Vildmose is the largest protected area of 7600 hectares and is well on its way to becoming Denmark’s first national park. But there is also both unique nature experiences and exciting stories to tell: the attempt drainage already in 1760, for over a thousand man’s tenacious peat during the world wars, a modern sphagnum adventure whether conservation, and restoration.


Certainly the key areas of this unique and vulnerable nature, Tofte Forest and bog and Høstemark forest, enclosed land and fenced, but strategically placed towers and strong binoculars brings you in the front row for this incredible experience of nature. The rest of the marsh offers rich opportunities for close encounters with sphagnum moss, cranberries, deer, vulnerable wild cattle and wild horses and other bog’s residents.

– You get a super holiday!!